Frequently Asked Questions

An all-in-one business management platform, handling the mundane so that you can focus more on what’s important; growth.

A business idea, an internet connection and just a few minutes of your time.


Order Flow (POS)

Promotions & Discounts

Online Ordering Website

Reservations Website

Reservations Calendar

Sales Reports

Tax Settings

Payment Processing (Clover required)

Receipt Printing (hardware required)

Rover Mode for on-the-floor workers using tablets

Import, Create & Edit Products

Categories & Lists

Generate Barcodes

Promotions & Discounts

Automated Restock

Inventory Records (including write-offs for tax purposes)

Sales Reports

Tax Settings

Order Flow

Inventory Check

Returns & Refunds

Barcode Scanning (hardware required)

Payment Processing (Clover required)

Receipt Printing (hardware required)

The heymate! platform is free to use! For every transaction processed using our POS partner, a fee of 2.3% + 10c is taken (this doesn’t go to us). this is lower than our largest competitor.

¬†Nothing. We don’t ask you for a credit card, and no subscription is required.

We do! Just not from you. If your customers order food or buy from your online store, we add a 99c service fee to the total cost. This is one of the lowest service fees at-market, and we take zero cuts from your sale. Our promise is: We don’t make money unless you make money.

  • Everything that’s part of the heymate! platform is yours to use for free
  • We don’t charge extra for every single feature we give you
  • Our payment processing partners have some of the lowest transaction fees at-market
  • We are a small business, not a conglomerate, which means we’re built from hard work, goodwill and care, and that’s how we’ll treat yours too.

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